Content Warnings

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cwcontent warning
eceye contact
foodfood mention
lewdnsfw or nude
metameta conversation
mhmental health
nsfwnot safe for work
phphysical health
PSApublic service announcement
selfiecontains selfie photo
uspolUnited States politics
weedweed mention


Many content warnings can be modified with markers to indicate the tone of those content warnings, whether positive, negative, or something else entirely.

ModifierModifier Meaning
+positive mention
negative mention
~neutral mention
?uncertain mention
()modifies other cw’s

The above modifiers are often combined to indicate more nuance. This can be a repeated modifier, or multiple modifiers together.

Modifier Examples

ph+~: Physical health, positive and neutral. “I feel better than before, but still not the best.”

mh +++: Mental health, very positive. “I feel incredible about this”

ph +, mh ~: Physical health positive, personal, and neutral. “A good thing happened physically but I’m in a weird mood.”

ph + (mh ~): Physical health positive, personal neutral. “A good thing happened physically but I’m not sure how I feel about it”

Additional Usage

Content warnings have been used for more than hiding sensitive posts.